Hello from Keventers

Hello from Keventers

Hello from Darjeeling!!! We are launching our site from the Queen of the Hills 😀

Welcome to our website. We are an Indian couple, who love travel and food. This is where we will be sharing our experiences. We hope you will like the journey along with us 🙂

Please connect with us on the following social media platforms for all updates from us.


6 thoughts on “Welcome!!!

  1. Ruma Chakravarti

    Best of luck with the new venture! You happy pic says it all – there is nothing like travel to keep people smiling!

  2. Amalendu Mitra

    Dear Mr.Surai,
    So far I remember we came to contact each other through our ‘সন্দেশ’ সাহিত্য পত্রিকা. But you have been more acquainted with me for your displaying a various kinds of delicious and mouth watering dishes under my greedy nose and nostrils through Facebook. However, I’m a little sad for you nowadays has stopped doing so. Please don’t mind for cracking such bad joke. By the way, my wife and me under a travel agent are going to Gangtak and Darjeeling (11th May to 17th May).

    With good wishes

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